SCC Sales Training

Starting In Feb. 2020!

Are you struggling getting coaching clients?

Do you need to improve your selling skills?

Could you benefit from learning proven sales skills that will help you drive business and take your coaching practice to a higher level?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions our SCC Sales Toolkit will help!

We're now offering a proven sales process and toolkit.  Space is limited.

 “I’m excited about this!  Many of our coaches struggle with selling.  I’m one of them!  Justin’s and Andy’s program offer real solutions, proven tools, and a plan to help our coaches become more successful! 

Frank Wagner, Co-Founder, Stakeholder Centered Coaching."

  • Proven Sales Skills for SCC Coaches

    • Learn the critical steps in the sales process.

    • Understand why research and prework is key to effective selling.

    • Master powerful questioning techniques that motivate people to buy.

    • Learn how to handle and overcome objections.

    • Understand why follow up is the “magic sauce” of selling and how to do it correctly.

    • When to ask for business and close the deal.

    • Why practice does make perfect!

  • The Neuro-Psychology of Selling

    • Understand what motivates people to listen to you.

    • Discover “motivational buying triggers” and why people buy.

    • Learn the powerful role emotion plays in the buying process.

    • Learn how to influence buyers’ decisions.

    • How to understand a client’s real needs and wants on a deeper level.

    • How to stay positive – selling is hard work!

Justin Kennedy and Andy Taylor have come up with a fantastic sales training designed specifically for SCC Coaches.  It’s full of proven and innovative ways of selling yourself, closing deals, and most importantly, driving business.  If you need to take your selling skills to a higher level This training will help!” 

Chris Coffey - Co-Founder, Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Andy Taylor is a Master Certified Coach, Trainer, and part of Marshall's Coach Training Team of North America. 
Justin Kennedy is an SCC coach and business school professor focusing on the neuroscience of organizational behavior, sales and marketing.
He is also an executive coach and author of the book: BRAIN REBOOT, with forward by Marshall Goldsmith and commentary by Frank Wagner.
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Feb 12, 2020, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST
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