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Mastermind For SCC Certified Coaches

SCC Mastermind Accountability Group - A Strategy for Coaching Success!

Mastermind for SCC Certifed Coaches
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Our Mission

To build a community of Stakeholder Centered Coaches that maximize and leverage each other's talents in a supportive, fun, confidential and highly focused way.  Participants act as catalysts for growth, sounding boards, and motivational boosters and provide genuine support and accountability toward helping everyone achieve their personal vision. 


The SCC Mastermind Accountability Group is designed to maximize performance – and that’s not for everybody! Our goal is for participants to supportively challenge each other to attain tangible mental, emotional and financial results, allowing them to serve their clients better.

Our Goal


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does It Work?
    Group Makeup: The SCC Mastermind Accountability Group is limited to eight high achieving, action-oriented Stakeholder Centered Coaches representing different industries with varied backgrounds and experiences. Membership is by invitation only. Andy and Nancy will select members based on a private discovery session to ensure proper fit.
  • How long is the program?
    We will have eight monthly group meetings. The Group meets each month for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • What does the program cover?
    The program covers two distinct segments: Part 1: Content Deep Dive Andy Taylor, Executive Coach, Trainer and SCC Subject Matter Expert guides participants in transitioning smoothly from SCC training to real-time client engagements. Andy will utilize a wealth of valuable and well-crafted resources for managing the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process including PowerPoint decks, video tutorials, email templates, coaching handouts and case studies. Participants will learn and practice exactly what to do before, during and after each SCC coaching session. Part 2: SCC Coaches Hot Seat Nancy Friedberg, Executive Coach, Mastermind and PCP expert will guide this hands-on segment of the session where each participant receives 10 minutes of focused attention from the entire group. Each member will have the opportunity to celebrate their previous month’s successes and share their upcoming goals and challenges for feedback and guidance.
  • Are there any additional meetings planned?
    Yes! Each Group participant is paired with a Peer Coaching Partner (PCP). PCPs are required to meet weekly for a minimum of 30 minutes to support, encourage and challenge each other to step out of their comfort zone and set, track and achieve important stretch goals. Accountability is built into the process every step of the way!
  • Which technology is required to join the online meetings?
    The Group will use the Zoom video conferencing platform. It’s simple, easy-to-use and fun! Part 1 will be recorded and made available to all participants for viewing on-demand.
  • Am I the Ideal Candidate?
    Experienced Executive Coaches who are already pitching client companies or have Executive Coaching prospects lined up will benefit the most. For SCC trained Coaches who have not yet secured their first client engagement, this can serve as the primary short-term goal. Participants must have at least 1 to 2 years of Leadership coaching experience.
  • What’s the Commitment?
    The SCC Mastermind Accountability Group demands real commitment. Participants are required to attend every monthly group session. Members will be paired with a Peer Coaching Partner (PCP) from the group and are expected to meet weekly for at least 30 minutes per session. Keeping this commitment is a critical component to participating in the Mastermind Accountability Group. The PCP process works! In fact, half of the PCPs from Nancy’s previous mastermind groups still meet weekly to build on their success in attaining positive goals. Group success hinges on everyone being all in.
  • What are the benefits?
    Learn from a group of like-minded, highly motivated SCC Coaches who will respectfully but firmly hold you accountable to achieving your self-defined key goals. Establish a success plan customized to your unique vision and execute on a minimum of two stretch goals (one behavioral and one business-focused) with defined metrics to make that vision a reality. Enhance your coaching skills and develop mastery of the SCC process. Identify and reduce blind spots and limiting beliefs through constructive feedback and feedforward from your PCP and fellow group members. Receive an evaluation from your PCP and group members at the conclusion of the course to assess your progress toward achieving your two primary goals. Participate in a safe, confidential, trusting community and build friendships with your fellow coaches. Develop the confidence and courage to embrace your fears and break out of your comfort zone.
  • When is the next event planned?
    Please check our events page: Here
  • How much does it cost to participate?
    The investment for membership in the SCC Mastermind Accountability Group is $299 a month. However, we’re offering participants in our first pilot SCC Mastermind Group a one-time special reduced rate of only $199 per month. Alternatively, you may make a single upfront payment of $1,492, a savings of $100 off thediscounted investment.
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Meet Your Coaches

Coach Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor

Andy is a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach and member of Marshall’s Inner Team of North America. 


He’s in charge of administrating, marketing and co-facilitating the SCC Online Certification Trainings.  


Co - Founder/Facilitator SCC Mastermind Accountability Groups.


He has a master’s degree from Boston College, lives with his family in the wonderful town of Corning, NY and loves to fly kites!

Nancy Friedberg

Nancy is President and Master Coach, Career Leverage, Inc., Founder, Mastermind Accountability Groups and Peer Coaching Partnerships.


SCC Certified Coach and Co - Founder/Facilitator SCC Mastermind Accountability Groups. 


In addition, she holds a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from Teachers College at Columbia University. 


She lives in the City with her family and also volunteers as a Certified Pet Therapist with her Cockapoo “Scooter."  

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