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"Leading with Gratitude"

Special Webinar with

Chester Elton and Andy Taylor

Wednesday March 11th from 12 to 12:30pm ET

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What’s the easiest, fastest, and most

inexpensive way to boost employee engagement? 


It’s called “Leading with Gratitude.”  And it’s based on Chester's brand-new book available next month on Amazon.  Invaluable read!


Why Attend Our Webinar?


  • Learn why “Leading with Gratitude" is the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive way to boost employee engagement.


  • Enjoy the stories of great CEO’s and how they use Gratitude to drive results!


  • Discover three simple acts of gratitude that will make you a much more effective leader.


Advanced Praise for “Leading with Gratitude”


  • “I love, love, love this book! You will not only read but mark up and send to your friends.” (Alan Mulally, retired CEO of The Ford Motor Company).


  • “Amazing! Ideas that will have a remarkable and immediate impact on your ability to lead other people.” (Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There).


Important Next Steps:


Okay, that’s it for now.  Chester and I are excited and hope you can join us on March 11th!

Warm Regards,


















Having Fun with Chester Elton and Marshall Goldsmith!

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